What is DBT

What is DBT

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Dialectics is simply our mind’s way of understanding things in the world. For instance, we would not understand dark if we didn’t know light. We would not understand hate if we did not understand the concept of love. If everything in the world was the color green, how would we know what green was?

Many people tend to think very rigidly. They have an either/or, black or white way of viewing the world. It is helpful to understand that there is some truth in other opinions. We can become more flexible in our thinking, which opens the door for a more peaceful existence.

For instance, have you ever notice that the more it seems you “need” to be in a relationship, the harder it is to keep one? How about when you use anger to get your point across? This makes it much less likely anyone will be willing to listen to you!

This type of thinking can cause one to suffer negative feelings, it can damage relationships, it can be harmful to your health, and it can lead to a disappointing life.

In my view, just about everyone. In fact, the only people I can think of who cannot improve their lives from learning these skills are people who don’t want to improve their lives! I seriously wish this stuff was taught beginning in the 1st grade. People who have problems regulating emotions, who feel out of control at times, who are afflicted with interpersonal issues at home, or at work, people with substance use problems, who need help with anger, impulsiveness, worry, rumination, anxiety or depression…DBT Skills are helpful for all these and more. We are all just trying to live our lives…we are busy juggling responsibilities, paying our bills, getting along with our family members and people at our jobs. Sometimes negative emotions seem to stop us in our tracks. It seems like others can manage things, but we may have problems getting overwhelmed. Many of us don’t reach out for help.

That’s where I come in. My DBT is going to be a safe place to learn skills and ask questions. My goal is to form a community for those who want to improve their lives and “become what they might have been.”

Dr. Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington in Seattle originally developed DBT. She was treating women who suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. After tweaking her therapy model by adding mindfulness training and radical acceptance to cognitive behavior therapy, she saw great results. This led to decades of research that bore out the effectiveness of this treatment. Since then, research has continued and DBT has been found to be effective with those suffering from BPD, bipolar disorder, binge Eating and bulimia, problems with anger, substance abuse, anxiety, and depressive Disorders, as well as other mood regulation disorders.

There is so much more I can say on this subject! I am passionate about teaching DBT Skills. I will be blogging about this here at My DBT so head on back to my home page and dig around. There you will learn much more about the skills and how they can help you “become what you might have been.” Remember, it’s never too late.


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