About Me

About Me

Change Your Story and Build A Life You Love!

Hi there! My name is Linda Hoenigsberg Lochridge, and I am a licensed professional counselor, and a marriage and family therapist with the state of Montana. I am also certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Telemental Health.*

At one point in my life, I was traumatized, afraid, broken, sad, angry, and hopeless. I had been locked up twice. I had been abused and discarded. I didn’t think I could go on another minute. I wanted life to end.

I read back those words now and realize (in awe, really) that they no longer apply to me. But one day long ago, they all applied to me. I’m sure I could come up lots more ugly words that describe the world I lived in back then. How about you? What words do you use to describe the state of your world?

Years ago (ok, almost 40 years ago if you must know), I was one broken young woman. I was seeing a therapist but getting worse by the week. We talked about my childhood and painful memories over and over, and still I suffered from out of control emotions, extreme anxiety, and bottom of the pit depression. My relationships were a mess. I believed no one could help me. I did not want to live any longer than I had to.

But little by little, I figured it all out and got well. I developed skills that helped me with my out of control feelings and urges. My anxiety and depression lifted. My relationships got healthy.

I also began to dream of a different life…one that was worth living. At that time I did not know that if my life changed, so would the lives of those closest to me. I did not know that changing my story would change the story of future generations of my family as well. But that’s exactly what happened. I vowed that some day I would help others do the same thing.

It was hard work, but thinking about you made it worth it. I saw myself reaching out and helping others change their lives. I had been kicked out of high school, but I went back and got an education to become a therapist. One of my professors taught me about Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and I was hooked! I realized that DBT skills were exactly the type of skills I had used to change my own life. So, I began teaching these skills to others in DBT Skills Groups in my private practice. I still do that every single week and I love it.

But then I thought…hey…wait a minute! What if I could find a way to help more than 8-10 hurting people at a time? So I developed this site to help others who are hurting too.

I will be writing lots of posts about out of control feelings and how you can develop skills to help you in your own life. Sign up for my  free eBook and email updates. And feel free to check back as often as you like. I will be here for you.

*TELEMENTAL HEALTH: Telemental health is another way of saying that I offer online therapy. I used a HIPAA compliant (fully confidential) way of working with clients via a computer, smart phone, or tablet. This can save you time and money, and some insurance companies will pay for this type of therapy. Contact me for any questions you may have: (406) 461-8717.

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